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Your website is YOUR FACE to the world, Your VISIT CARD, Your IMAGE!  Why settle for a web design that has been used everywhere? We create for you YOUR OWN website!




What I can do for you:

► A website that will reflect you and your business, and will aim

    directly to the public you want to have!

► Top Google rating

► Facebook Landing pages / Facebook advertising

► Personal contact,  Free consultation, service by computer experts

► Your site in any additional languages

► Supply photos for your web site

► Our own hosting server and control panel

► First year free hosting

► Unlimited free e-mail boxes

► Statistic reports

► Registry & web promotion, submit your site in all search engines

► Multimedia productions

    (MP3, MPEG4, Flash movies, You Tube uploads & more)

► Complete maintenance of your information & graphics

► International web services and exposure to the world

► Networking your site with your peers, e-marketing

► Synergy & business partnering in your field

► Affordable price package suitable to your needs


Nili-design offers you the most artistic website design

and graphic ideas layouts, at the most reasonable prices.


We believe in the basic thought that your website is YOUR business and visit card to the world, and therefore should reflect YOUR personality, YOUR business ideas, and help you sell your products online, be it your art work, your products or your advertising online.


I started my career as an artist, and a natural transaction into virtual art was easy and enjoyable. My web design reflect a lot of art and graphics coordination. ( See )


Nili Art wall painting  Nili Art - Figurative, Oil on canvas  Nili Art - Acrylic on canvas  Nili Art - Acrylic Figurative on canvas

Having created hundreds of different websites, Nili works with a team of experts, each keeping up with today’s technology, issues and updates, giving you the reassurance your site will be indexed right and SEO (search engine optimization) friendly.


We know how important it is not only for your site to look good, but for your target audience to be able to find you as well!


As our special client, Nili Design offers you our own server hosting at a low cost with your own control panel where you can manage your email accounts, statistic pages and/or other extensions for your conventions.


All websites are custom built and designed for your own priorities and NOT taken from a template.


For 17 years I designed costumes & stage design for the contemporary dance

group Keshet Chaim in Los Angeles....

  Nili Costumes designNili Costumes design Nili Costumes design

Nili Costumes designNili Costumes design


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