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Nili-design offers you the most artistic website design and services at the most reasonable prices.

Starting in the 90's, Nili has been designing and creating websites and computer graphics for international clients all over the world.


We believe in the basic thought that your website is YOUR business and visit card to the world, and therefore should reflect YOUR personality, YOUR business ideas, and help you sell your products online, be it your art work, your products or your advertising online.


Having created hundreds of different websites, Nili works with a team of experts, each keeping up with today’s technology, issues and updates, giving you the reassurance your site will be indexed right and SEO (search engine optimization) friendly.


We know how important it is not only for your site to look good, but for your target audience to be able to find you as well!

As our special client, Nili Design offers you our own server hosting at a low cost with your own control panel where you can manage your email accounts, statistic pages and/or other extensions for your conventions.


All websites are custom built and designed for your own priorities and NOT taken form a template.


As a graduate of the Avni art academy in Israel and with the experience creating hundreds of websites all over the world for different industries, Nili has the patients, understanding experience, expertise and personal customer service you should expect from your web designer. Whether you need a re-touch for an old site or start a new one, Nili design will deliver a job well done! (and will follow up thru the years....)


FREE estimate and consultation:


    Menashe Eliezer    


Nili is in charge of the web design and content, graphic design and media,

Menashe is in charge of the technical dept. incl. shopping cart and data.

Wolfgang is in charge of PR, press releases, Internet marketing etc.,

Mickey is in charge of the USA marketing dept.



Nili Glazer


Mickey Katz


Menashè Eliezer


Wolfgang Altmueller PR

Wolfgang Altmueller


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